Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dolly Kaye Shoot BTS

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm trying my best to blog everyday as usual but the internet and my current routine wasn't allowing me to. I hope I can change this from today.

Thank you so much Chi Chi for this artwork, you can check her other works here. On this post, I'll share some behind the scenes photos from our Dolly Kaye shoot, a dreamy clothing line by one of my favourite person in THE WHOLE WORLD, Kaye. Our shoot was held at Kawaii PH office aka Kaila's turf so you'll see some bits of her here, too. It was my first time to meet our Larme Boy, Yool, our photographer for that day.. and I'm always with Mica, Chai and Wynona on Kawaii Ph events thus we were bonded so much. We were also with the lovely couple, Chi Chi and Francis (who discovered the best burger in town, Barney's)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Before my dslr got broken, Anne Kate, Kiko and I went to Pinto Museum in Antipolo for a day trip. Everything was so photogenic and surreal to me, it took me back to the memories of Naoshima. I kind of wish I live closer to this place - a breath of fresh air from Manila. 


I've been in Manila for two months now and I was in the lookout for a salon that would be perfect for me. Last Monday, Tricia introduced me to Piandre BGC to try their Keratin Complex treatment for the first time. The senior stylist told me that it's suitable for my hair since it became really frizzy (proof: the photo above). I'm going to share the whole story on this post so.. you have to read more! 

Hair and Photo by Anne Pinero

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Ha-ro, July! We're on our second half of 2015. Can you believe? Well, we don't have any choice.. don't we? Here's a little recap of my life from January to June 2015 - this is one of the moments I am thankful that I kept a blog, I can just type "Candy Kawaii Lover (month) (year)" on google then everything I need to see will just appear. Like magic, eh?

January at Takayama - it was the start of the year and the end of Winter Holidays, my sister Coleen and I decided to make a short trip to Takayama for the first time before we part ways. She's living alone in Osaka and I'm living alone (that time) in Fujisawa. Her feet was aching because of this pair of Nike shoes (I'm wearing on the photo) so I told her we can switch shoes. Hope you don't judge me if I don't look fashionable with white Nikes - I just love my sis. It was also freezing.. below zero degrees. 

February at Shirohige's Creampuff Shop with one of my favourite people in Japan, Kathryn (Oh Page Boys). Actually we were in Shimokitazawa that day for their yearly Tengu Festival (a version of Bean Throwing Day) and right after that we decided to search for the world famous Totoro choux. It was delightful as expected!

March at Matsumoto as a goodbye treat from my co-teachers in Fujisawa. Being a teacher wasn't really a path that I imagined that I would be at but it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. TO be a able to touch lives of children (the future) is just beyond me. Again, it was my first time in Matsumoto and I've heard that their peak season is during May! Hopefully I could comeback. I bid sayonara to my previous work it was a tough choice, I was scared and I'm glad I pulled it off. 

April at Kyoto, Ginkakuji, Philosopher's Walk (and more here) with Coleen again! I've been to Kyoto way too many times but not around Philosopher's Walk - not sure why! It was so, so dreamy by the way. I couldn't explain.  

May at Bunny Baker -my first ever workshop! All thanks to Kawaii.Ph team! Ahh these touting bunny macarons in pink, vanilla and teal - how cute are they! Being an introvert that I am, of course I was nervous even if I know my topic by heart and I could talk about it endlessly if given the chance. I'm just really happy that I did it - thanks to my co-speakers Anne Kate and Chai! Now looking back and thinking about it. Me? Talking in front of more than 15 people.. you've gotta be kidding me.  

June at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Justin. This trip was an explosion of many firsts and happy memories - our first time in KL, a meet-up with my lovely princesses Mieko and Hermes, strolling around KL by myself, din din at Jalan Alor, high tea at Ritz Carlton, shopping at Tokyo Street at Pavilion, using uber everywhere we go, among many others. 

AND.. so much more things I'm thankful about like:
Shop Candy Kawaii Lover is going strong! Thank you Vanessa Leuterio for our first kawaii icon!

The Making of OurKawaii.Tokyo with Kaila (our next big project)

Sharing my life story at Kawaii Ph Book (it's currently available at Kawaii.Ph/store)

Thank you everyone for believing in me especially on those moments that I didn't. Cheers! 

Monday, June 29, 2015


Sharing a little teaser from a shoot with Anne and Kiko last Saturday at Pinto Museum in Antipolo. It was my first time in that area so I brought my camera with me. Hope you like the photos because I really do! 

My "inis" / annoyed face - stop it!

If you have any topics in mind, that you want me to talk about, please let me know. What would you want to learn from me? Let me know! x

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