Saturday, January 31, 2015


I've read last year while making an article about Shimokitazawa that it is famous for their celebration of Setsubun or bean throwing day. Traditionally, beans are scattered as away of expelling badluck while people shout "oni wa soto" which means demons, go away. But at Shimokitazawa Tengu Festival, they scatter beans while saying "fuku wa uchi" (which means good luck or bring us the fortune) three times. They also believe that you should never say "demons, go away" because for them, evil naturally dissipates in an atmosphere that is full of happiness. Furthermore, Tengu (a form of spirit or demon) is believed to realize people's wishes relating to things like family safety, prosperity in business, luck and success in exams. I'm glad I get to experience this with Kathryn today. I've learned so much from this tradition so I hope you do too.

Tengu are supernatural creatures that appear in Japanese folklore. They are seen as protective guardian spirits to be respected, if not somewhat feared. An annual Shimokitazawa Tengu Festival is held every winter at Shinryuji temple, a five minute walk from Shimokitazawa station. At the same time Setsubun is celebrated in Japan. Setsubun day marks the beginning of each season. Japanese people generally celebrates Setsubun in the winter as it marks the coming of spring and new life.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Old issue of Lula or any girly magazines, vintage boater hat, pink boxes, old telephones, grey socks

I don't know what you call this? Lanterns?

Any thing with glitters

Satin bows, velvet bows, bows

Anything that would remind me of you or reminds you of me

Cute plates

Or cups



"Would you meet me if I visit Japan?" I get this question a lot nowadays so I kind of thought I ought to answer it.. But first, here are some photos from my "first" (how redundant) ever blogger meet-up. I've met Ana, Karl, Mike and Aisa (not in photo) at Moonleaf (a milk tea café) in Katipunan. I don't live in the Philippines but I know most of the early bloggers like my friends here and they knew me too? Well, I can't remember exactly how did it happen but thank you, internet! It was indeed a happy memory despite the fact that I'm always busy in Manila and I have to rush this meet-up to meet my college best friends in Makati on that day too. Until this moment, I consider these people my friends especially Ana and Karl. I'm closest to Karl among all of them though because we are both in a long distance relationship, we help each other a lot. I just love him, he's funny, creative, kind and genuine. All the traits you could ask for in a friend. I also never lose connection with Ana, as she is always supportive of me and at the same time, I'm also behind her back if she needs me. It doesn't matter if we don't see each other often, they are dear to me.

So to answer the question.. Yes! Of course.. How predictable am I? Spending 1/5 of my life in Japan made me realize the world has too many boundaries (language, distance, etc) and people should help each other to break those boundaries. I know it's a tough job but with small steps, I could help change the world for the better. I might be very shy and I don't talk a lot at first because that's my nature / my comfort zone but I'll try my best to create small activities for people who would want to join. Have I told you that I'm going back to Manila this April? If not, then let this post be an official PSA. I would love to meet everyone in Manila, get to know you and learn from you. Don't be shy to greet me first, I have an awful eyesight. I can't see anyone's face from afar so if you see me looking away, don't be sad, it's just my eyes. Also, I don't like meet and greet kind of thing. I like to sit down somewhere cozy and listen to all of your stories. I might not be a gifted speaker but I'm definitely a good listener. Let's all be friends. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When we're done ogling at everything in Musee du Petit Prince, we walked to the nearest convenience store to find an ATM machine. Little did I know that  it's going to be a step to a  聖地 巡礼 / seichi junrei of Hakone, the setting of Evangelion's Tokyo III. I don't have any idea about animés to be honest. I am fond of kawaii stuff but not otaku at all. Watching series bothers me, I feel like it's a chore sometimes. So thanks to my good friends who share their knowledge about this world to me. I'm sure if I was alone I will just ignore all of these but now.. I could never delete the fact that my otaku eye has been opened. 

You could find all these things inside the special Lawson Tokyo III store that we found close to Musee du Petit Prince. There are four other Lawson stores like this in Hakone. 

This is Owakudani, a volcanically active area which is famous for their kurotamago or black eggs. According to Otakumode, this is also the place where Shinji ended up after he ran away from home.

This is Lake Ashi, on it's aerial shot, that was the scenery when the 6th angel came flying. 

Before leaving, Carly introduced me to Eva-ya or Evangelion specialty store in Hakone. It's located on the first floor of Hakone-Yumoto station.

Wondering how to go to Hakone? Read my previous post here.

This Evangelion store is heaven for the fans. I was tempted to get the Hello Kitty x Eva cookies but I didn't know who to share it with last time so I didn't buy it. Any Eva fans out there who would want to receive any of these as souvenirs?

I told you, what I knew, I could never un-know. When I went to Parco for the Pokémon café, I saw these.

You can find these at the first floor of Parco Shibuya and at the third floor, close to Parco museum. If you like any of these characters, please let me know? I would love to get to know them, too.